It's no surprise that people avoid going to the doctor.  There have been several studies done on the issue over  the last several years, and the most commonly cited reasons are pretty much what you'd expect:

  1. Visiting the doctor is expensive.
  2. It's a huge hassle to get an appointment, and then you're lucky if you get 10  minutes of face time with a doctor.
  3. People have had bad experiences with doctors, or with the healthcare system in general.

Here's the thing -- going to the doctor doesn't have to be such a PAIN.  Here's how our direct primary care model is changing healthcare for the better.

Why patients avoid doctors

Complaint - I can't afford to go to the doctor.

Insurance isn't cheap, and then you have to pay a deductible, often before any benefits kick in at all.  Co-pays and co-insurance add up quickly, especially if you need routine care for a chronic condition, or follow-up care over the course of treating an illness or injury.  If you need any labs, imaging, or diagnostic testing, those deductibles and co-pays come into play…and often you may not know how much you'll have to pay out-of-pocket until you get the bill in the mail.

When you're already paying thousands of dollars for health insurance (and hoping that you don't have to use it) the last thing you want to think about is spending hundreds or thousands more when you get sick or something feels "off."  But often, delaying or avoiding care means you get worse, and need even more care, at a higher cost.

The Remedy

With our direct primary care model, we have cut out the insurance factor.  That means no deductible and no co-pays.  As a patient, you pay a flat monthly fee ($79 for adults, $29 for children), and that covers all your primary care needs.  Acute/urgent care, routine care for chronic conditions, follow-up care — 80-90% of your healthcare needs can be met in a primary care setting.

Our doctors get to know you and your health baseline, so they know when something is off, often before it becomes a serious, costly problem.

Pairing a Remedy Health membership with either a high deductible health plan or a health sharing ministry can save you money on insurance premiums.  With no deductibles or co-pay for primary care, you keep more money in your pocket.  Add to that the potential savings from our pharmacy, lab, and imaging partners, and your total out-of-pocket healthcare costs are less than you’re used to spending, AND you can actually visit the doctor when you need to!

We truly make using the healthcare services you need affordable.

Complaint - The time I get to spend with the doctor isn't worth the hassle.

Unless you rely on urgent care or the emergency room, it can take weeks to get an appointment with a doctor.  When you get there, you’re lucky if you get 10 minutes of face-time with your doctor.  And if you want to talk to your doctor about more than one concern, there’s a good chance that you’ll have to schedule another appointment — a problem often created by insurance companies and their control over how doctors practice medicine.  That means waiting weeks yet again to get to the bottom of your issues (not to mention another co-pay).

The Remedy

Our doctors have fewer patients (800-1000) than the average primary care physician (between 1200 and 2500).  Instead of waiting weeks to get in to see your doctor, we have same- or next-day appointments.  When you get to the clinic, you’ll be talking to your doctor within minutes, and they’ll spend the time necessary to address your concerns, and work to get to the root of your health issues.  We provide quality care that is convenient, respectful of your time, and attuned to your needs.

But we go beyond that.

“Direct” is the key word in “direct primary care.”  As our patient, you have a direct line to your doctor — literally.  You can call, text, or video chat your doctor whenever questions or concerns arise.  And because our doctors have taken the time to get to know you, they can address many of your questions and concerns without you taking the time out of your day to get yourself (or a sick kiddo) to the clinic.

We pride ourselves on making healthcare accessible in whatever ways we can.

Complaint - I've had too many bad experiences to trust the healthcare system.

We get it.  Between the high cost of insurance, the extra out-of-pocket when you actually use healthcare services (and the surprise bills that follow), the waiting for an appointment only to have limited time for a doctor to hear and address your concerns, it’s no wonder that just thinking about going to the doctor seems like more hassle than it’s worth.  Believe it or not, doctors are often incredibly frustrated with the healthcare industry!

The Remedy

It takes time to build trust.  We’re willing to take the time to show you that your health is our priority.  We want to work with our patients to achieve their health and wellness goals, not for an insurer or system that sees you as data and statistics, rather than an individual.

We’re doing things differently.

The peace of mind you’ll have knowing your doctor is just a call or text message away when you have a question or concern is invaluable.  And because our doctors don’t answer to insurance companies or a corporate bottom line, they can work with you to get to come up with treatment and wellness plans that fit your goals and needs.

Plus, there are no surprises.  If we order a lab or a test, we will tell you the cash price we have negotiated for our patients ahead of time, and often that cash price is less than what you would pay with insurance filing a claim.

We’re making primary care simple so our patients can take advantage of its benefits.

What keeps you away from the doctor?

The thought of visiting the doctor shouldn’t give you a headache.  We would love to hear your concerns, and hopefully explain how we can alleviate those.  Health and wellness are essential to living life to the fullest.  We would love to build a doctor-patient relationship with you that can help you achieve optimal health and wellness so you can focus on the things that are important to you.