2019 has been a big year for Remedy Health. It's also been a big year for direct primary care (DPC). Here are some highlights from this past year.

Executive Order on Improving Price and Quality Transparency in American Healthcare to Put Patients First

On June 24, 2019, President Trump signed an Executive Order that, among other things, provides that DPC memberships are to be made an "eligible medical expense under section 213(d) of title 26, United States Code." This means that DPC memberships can be paid using HSA and/or FSA funds, extending the tax benefits of those accounts to DPC patients.  (See Section 6 of the EO for the DPC-relevant part.)

Washington Examiner

Opinion - Congress can empower employers with direct primary care

Highlights the Primary Care Enhancement Act, currently making its way through Congress. The Act makes a simple change to the tax code to allow any employer to offer direct primary care to their workforce. This is a bipartisan bill in furtherance of June's Executive Order.


American Academy of Family Physicians

Reflections on a Decade of Change

The American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) has been supportive of DPC growth, both as a way to provide improved patient care, and as a potential way to draw more physicians back to practicing primary care. For more from the AAFP on direct primary care, check out these links:

Direct Primary Care: A Snapshot

Academy Praises Bill Lowering Direct Primary Care Barrier

Data in (Direct) Primary Care: Striking the Right Balance

AAFP Survey Reveals DPC Trends

And for an interesting discussion about several timely healthcare issues, including DPC, read this:

It Started With One Question: What is High-Value Care?


The Washington Post

Some family doctors ditch insurance for simpler approach

Highlights the increased physician-facetime and decreased cost patients can experience with direct primary care.


Yahoo! Finance

What is direct primary care? An alternative form of health care avoids insurance altogether

What is direct primary care? "Think of a combination of Netflix and Costco"


The Heartland Institute

Policy Tip Sheet: States Should Expand Direct Primary Care to Address Primary Care Shortage

Encourages states to define DPC so that it does not fall under the same licensing and regulatory restrictions as health insurance. (Oklahoma already does this, see Oklahoma Statutes Title 36 Section 4604.)

Direct Primary Care Offers Cost Savings, Privacy, Personalized Care


Benefits Pro

Direct primary care: The key to cost savings and improved health?

DPC brings non-benefited employees into the fold

Both discuss the potential benefits to employers and employees when DPC is added as a component to employee health benefits.


These are just some of the items from national sources. There are dozens of articles, blogs, and other items from state and local sources, many highlighting the benefits individuals, businesses, and even cities and counties are receiving by incorporating DPC memberships into their healthcare benefits.

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