It’s winter, and that can mean dry skin for many of us.  Here are a few tips for keeping your skin moisturized and healthy over the next few months!

Hands with Lotion
  1. Timing is key.  Keep in mind that lotions and other moisturizers don’t create moisture, they merely lock moisture in.  It is best to apply lotion to skin when it is lightly damp, or when it has just been gently towel-dried (e.g. right after a shower/bath, or after washing hands).
  2. Beware of HOT water.  We all love hot showers, especially in the winter, but extremely hot water can be drying.  Try to shower or wash with warm, rather than HOT, water. 
  3. Go fragrance-free.  Some of the ingredients used to make cleansers, lotions, and creams smell great can actually be drying.  Also, watch out for products that contain alcohol, retinoids, or alpha-hydroxy-acids. 
  4. Moisturize your air.  The cold air in winter is drier than in the warmer months, and heated indoor air can be even drier, so use a humidifier to add moisture to the air at home or work. 
  5. Creams > Lotions.  Creams and oils are more effective than lotions.  Look for products containing olive oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, or shea butter.  A couple of our favorites:
    1. Organic Healing Balm by The Honest Co. - This is thick, so it might be a good one to apply at home. 
    2. Eucerin Intensive or Advanced Repair Cream - A good, all-purpose hand and body cream that is not too greasy. 

Hopefully these tips will help alleviate dry skin concerns.  If you need more advice, your doctor is just a phone call or text message away!