— Save Money on Employee Healthcare. —

What if healthcare was simple, accessible, and affordable?

The Dilemma

Most businesses we talk with are generally happy with their benefits plans, however, we are hearing they are

Sick and tired of their health insurance premiums going up every year

Disappointed they’ve had to raise deductibles and reduce benefits to be able to afford plans

Frustrated at their inability to offer competitive benefits

Remedy Health Direct Primary Care offers a partial fix to address escalating costs with worsening benefits, allowing employers to offer competitive healthcare benefits to attract and keep the best employees.

stressed business woman over increasing healthcare premiums

You Have Options

Many employers have been able to save upwards of 20-70% on health insurance premiums by crafting an ála carte solution.  Such a plan may include:

Catastrophic Coverage - a high deductible health plan that typically comes with lower premiums

Health savings accounts and cafeteria plans that can be used to cover out-of-pocket costs

Elimination of traditional Primary Care, Prescriptions, Labs, and Imaging from major medical plans

Incorporating Remedy Health Direct Primary Care Memberships as a standard part of your healthcare benefits package

Why Primary Care Matters


80-90% of health care needs can be met in the primary care setting, decreasing the need for insurance and out-of-pocket spending on urgent care, emergency room, and some specialist care.


Structuring your insurance coverage around a Remedy Health Direct Primary Care Membership can save 20-70% on catastrophic major medical coverage.


Many businesses save enough on health insurance to pay for their employees’ Direct Primary Care membership in full and still have a bundle of cash leftover.

Check with your insurance agent or benefits broker to see how a custom-tailored plan can result in better benefits for your employees and cost savings for your business.

Simple, Accessible, and Affordable


Employees Enjoy:

Direct Access to their Primary Care Physician, not an answering service

Same or next-day office visits with no waiting in a crowded waiting room

24/7 direct communication with their Physician via secure text application or video chat

No co-pays

Simplicity in receiving health care with 24/7 access to your doctor to ask questions and be seen immediately via the app or within 48 business hours in person

Negotiated discounts on prescriptions, labs, and imaging when utilizing their Direct Primary Care provider

Ready to Take the Next Step?

As a member at Remedy Health, both your employees and your business will experience an unprecedented level of personalized care that is designed to meet all of your basic healthcare needs.  Contact us today to get started.