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What if employee health benefits were simple, accessible, and affordable?

Believe it or not, they can be!

We love helping employers provide health care benefits that are affordable (for the employer AND their employees), and that provide the employees better access to healthcare without the hassle, delays, and high out-of-pocket costs that often come with traditional benefits offerings.

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The best part? It's simple for employers! Here's how it works:

We enroll your business as an employer -- we just need your company name and contact info, as well as a designated contact person (your Admin).

We provide a link that your employees can use to enroll under your employer group -- it will take each employee less than 5 minutes to enroll. Or, if you prefer, we can provide you a form for employees to complete and return to us, and we'll enter their info for you.

Each month, your Admin will receive an emailed invoice listing the employees we currently have as members. You can then notify us of any personnel changes.

We can set up automated payment via credit card or ACH processing, or you can send us a check each month.

That's all it takes for your employees to enjoy all the benefits we offer our members!

Call or email us to enroll your business -- you can start at any time!

Do you currently offer health care benefits to employees?


The benefit of benefits

If you have a business with less than 50 employees and haven't offered health benefits because of the high cost, a Remedy Health membership is a great place to start. Providing a DPC membership as a benefit to your employees can benefit your business in many ways:

+ Health care benefits can help you attract and retain employees.

Sick employees can get the care they need quickly, meaning they're on the mend and back to work in less time than if they had to wait days to get in to their doctor.

+ Employees can avoid high out-of-pocket costs for doctor's visits, prescriptions, labs, and imaging, which means they're happier because they get to keep more of the money you pay them!



Build a better benefit

If you already offer health care benefits to your employees, we would love to see if we can help you make those better AND save everyone money. How can we do that?

Your employees gain direct access to a high level of personalized care that can meet most of their healthcare needs.

Employees don't have to deal with the hassle of deductibles or copays, and get discounted, transparent pricing on prescriptions, labs, imaging, and some specialist care.

You can pair Remedy Health memberships with a variety of health insurance options to build a package that meets your needs and saves you on overall premiums. We have relationships with agents and brokers who understand our DPC model, and will work with you to find complementary coverage.

Why Primary Care Matters

primary care physician

80-90% of health care needs can be met in the primary care setting, decreasing the need for insurance and out-of-pocket spending on urgent care, emergency room, and some specialist care.

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Structuring your insurance coverage around a Remedy Health Direct Primary Care Membership can save 20-70% on catastrophic major medical coverage.

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Many businesses save enough on health insurance to pay for their employees’ Direct Primary Care membership in full and still have a bundle of cash leftover.

We can help you create a custom-tailored plan that results

in better benefits for your employees and cost savings for your business.

Simple, Accessible, and Affordable

Employee Health Benefits

Employees Enjoy:

Direct, 24/7 access to their doctor via phone, text, or video chat

Same or next-day office visits with no waiting in a crowded waiting room

No co-pays

Office visits that average 30-60 minutes of time with your doctor, instead of the less than 10 minutes you get with traditional doctor's offices

Negotiated cash-priced discounts on prescriptions, labs, imaging, and specialist care

Ready to Take the Next Step?

As a member at Remedy Health, both your employees and your business will experience an unprecedented level of personalized care that is designed to meet all of your basic healthcare needs.  Contact us today to get started.