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Lab TestPrice
Aerobic Bacterial Culture$6.90
Anaerobic Culture$17.79
Anaerobic and Aerobic Culture$24.39
Aldosterone/Renin Ratio$22.52
ANA w/reflex if Positive$4.15
Bilirubin, Direct$1.95
Bilirubin, Total$1.95
Bilirubin, Total, Neonatal$9.65
Bilirubin, Total/Direct, Serum$2.06
Blood culture, Routine$10.48
B-Type Natriuretic Peptide$33.30
BV+Ct/Ng/Tv NAA+Yeast Culture$137.25
BV+Trich NAA+Yeast Culture$115.25
CBC With Differential/Platelet$2.50
Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP 14)$3.38
Gram Stain w/Sputum Cult Rflx$6.79
Hemoglobin A1c$2.78
Hepatitis Panel$24.83
Lipid Panel$3.05
Microalbumin, Random Urine $5.80
PSA Total (Reflex To Free)$4.15
Renin Activity and Aldosterone$22.52
STAT Order$11.30
Stool Culture$8.00
T4, Free$3.33
Testosterone, Serum$4.70
Upper Respiratory Culture$6.35
Uric Acid, Serum $1.95
Urine Culture, Comprehensive $6.90
Vitamin D, 25-Hydroxy$12.40

At Remedy Health, we are committed to negotiating the best prices on lab tests for our patients. The above list reflects the best available pricing for each lab test. These prices are subject to change as we continue to fight for better deals for you.